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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yarn For Sale

I have been busy spinning a lot of wool into yarn these past few weeks.I dye my hand-spun wool myself. These two skeins of wool ( above & below) are 2 ply Jacob/ Romney wool from the fleece of my ewe Delilah. This yarn is 14 wraps per inch. One skein has at least 196 yards and weighs 5 1/4 ounces, the other has at least 162 yards and weighs 5 ounces. They sell for $14.00 & $15.00. Click HERE * to read more about them or to order.
Michelle McNamara bought some turquoise wool yarn from me at the Lavender Festival in Roy this summer. I asked her to send me a picture of anything she made from it. Well, she ran out of the yarn while working on a scarf for her son and needed more. Fortunately there was one skein left from this dye batch and we met at a convenient location for her to purchase it. I took a picture of her and her unfinished scarf...way to go Michelle! It is lovely and will be wonderfully warm and complimentary draped around your sons' neck.

'Puyallup Fair', that is the name I have given this yarn. I spun this up at the Puyallup Fair while exhibiting my Jacob Sheep there for 5 days. The wool is from my ram, Goth, and who knew such a bashingly destructive ram could produce such divine wool? I washed and carded all his wool myself. I decided not to thoroughly blend the variations in color his fleece offers, so as to show it in the yarn as well. Goth's wool is fading as he ages from the bold black and white to a silvery blue and white.Scrumptious!
There are two skeins of wool from the Puyallup Fair. One is a whopping 9 5/8 ounces ( $25.00), the other is 5 3/4 ounces ( $15.00). To see more about this yarn or purchase it click HERE *.


  1. It's wonderful to see what Michelle is making with the wool she bought from you. I love what you have pictured here - such pretty colors. I know it's a labor of love for you. I sent you a link via email on John's appt. Friday.

  2. my favorite color. what a gorgeous braided scarf came from it.

  3. Oh my, tonite after I get back to the puter I will spend time on all your blogs. Just skipping thru them I love them. You definitely live the good life. I want to read all about the beekeeper also. I knit so I will find this an interesting site. I love to sew but there seems not enough time in a day. Thanks for visiting my site. L J

  4. how beautiful! love that scarf...wish I had a talent like that!!


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