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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Handwoven Wool Rugs for Sale ~

This is one of three hand woven wool rugs, all three are the same red / tan , but of varying sizes.

These rugs are woven with the wool roving of my Jacob / Romney sheep, Delilah.
$65.00 : shipping is free for this rug.
These wool rugs are easy to maintain, if they get dirty you can wash them on delicate and lay them flat to dry. I usually dry my wool rugs by hanging them from the porch railing though, and it works for me. You can order this rug here .* Sold


  1. Hi Kathy, How pretty the red and tan are together. We sure love our blue tablerunner that you made. Hope you and the family enjoy your Sunday together. Mildred

  2. What a great looking rug...How clever you are to be able to take it from sheep to usable product all by yourself.

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. Thank-you Mildred.I have many rugs & table-runners I made for myself the same way I made yours and they have proven durable for the many years I have used them. I am so glad you like yours, I think of and pray for you often.

  4. Kelsie, thank-you!You know, with as many sheep as I have, there is a lot of wool. Wool is a product of sheep that is so useful and creativity in using wool has almost limitless possibilities.This means anyone who loves to create can find wool a friend and partner in creation.( Plus, the end product of the creation is usually very practical)

  5. Hello Kathy,
    I appreciate of your work. It's very perfect and suitable wool rugs.


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