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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More Yarn & Now Feathers Added To My Shop !

 I have been a busy girl and am finally adding more yarn to my shop.
 Turquoise 2 ply worsted-weight ,
 and natural Romney / Jacob 2 ply worsted weight yarn. All handspun by me and if dyed, hand-dyed by me.
 This yarn is the white or oatmeal color of my Jacob sheep dyed turquoise.
 I have added feathers to my shop because I have a lot of poultry with unique feathers. This is one of my Sebastapol Geese and they have very long curly feathers. I collect all the feathers they drop and decided to sell them to anyone who might appreciate them for their crafting.
 This is one feather that splits into 2 sections and is curly This feather is over a foot long !
 Here is a small sampling of my goose feathers for sale. The ruler is there to show you how long they are.
Ella & Fella are my geese and I love them !
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