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Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine Sheep & Snowballs

February is the month of love, celebrated especially on Valentine's Day. I have given my little sheep silver hearts that say "Love", but really, love is never out of season. I like these little adornments so much I am going to add silver hearts to my sheep throughout the year. These sheep can be purchased by clicking here *.
I have also been making wool balls from the fleece of my Jacob sheep. These and the wee little sheep are my biggest sellers at bazaars and can be used or displayed throughout the year. The wool balls are perfect for the dryer. Toss them in with a load of wet clothes, no fabric softener sheets needed. The wool ball will keep your laundry separated, fluffed up, and static free. Even better, they can be used over and over again. When not in use for laundry, they also make great cat or baby toys, and even look good placed in a basket or bowl on the table.To purchase these click here * .

Since the storm last month I have been busy cleaning up outside, we have a years' worth of cleaning for all the destruction the ice storm left behind. This leaves me little time indoors, but I spend all my spare time spinning wool into yarn, making more little sheep , weaving and locker-hooking rugs, and having fun crafting new items the wool inspires. Thank-you again for taking a few moments to view my Spotted Sheep Shop !

1 comment:

  1. Such adorable little sheep...Sorry about the storm clean up, hope it goes quickly.

    Blessings Kelsie


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