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Friday, February 24, 2012

Wool Crafting ~ Wee Little Sheep, Felted Dryer Balls, Yarn!

I have been very busy and a new little flock of sheep occupies my work room.
There are also a lot of felted wool balls popular for the dryer ( in place of fabric softener sheets ) , as cat toys, and for baby toys. Babies can chew them, they are washable, babies can throw them but won't break or hurt anything.They look great in a lovely bowl or basket just for decoration too.

And of course, there is always wool being spun into yarn around here. This is my "turkey" yarn, so called because I traded a pair of Midget White turkeys for this Romney fleece and am enjoying spinning it up. This is only my first skein of yarn from the lovely caramel & cream colored wool. If you are ever interested in any of these wool creations and I do not have any listed in my Etsy shop, just e-mail me and I can customize an order for you of felted balls, Wee Little Sheep, or even spin up some yarn for you. Click here * to view what I currently have for sale.Thank-ewe for checking in on my shop!


  1. Oh My!So wonderful!I have never purchased anything over the internet because My sweet husband is a little old fashioned when it comes to that.But,These are too wonderful and I may just have to find a way to convince Him :)One for me and one for each of my 4 daughters for Christmas with tags on them with something about Christ.Oh yes and my oldest Granddaughter too.Oooo! that would be 6 for Christmas.Fantastic! I love the idea.


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