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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spotted Sheep Shop ~ Handwoven Rugs

All these rugs were handwoven by me.This rug is 68" X 20 " and sells for $50.00.
Great porch rugs, but also very appropriate for inside, at the bedside, in front of a comfy chair.

This handwoven rug is 60" X 20" and sells for $45.00. SOLD !

I am especially partial to these colors, a blue-green black and bits of red woven throughout. Sold! Thank-you Mildred & John, very much. I have enjoyed seeing the pictures of how you have displayed and used this rug and also Magic, your magnificent cat also enjoying the comfort of this rug. I am truly honored .
All of these rugs also make wonderful table runners. They can be purchased here*.

Spotted Sheep Shop ~ Pincushions

These pincushions are made of the dyed and felted wool from the fleeces of my Jacob Sheep. This pincushion is $12.00.
This pincushion is contained by a Franciscan cup I purchased from a local antique shop that was going out of business. The yellow adds a bright spot of cheer to my workroom. This pincushion is $17.50.
Whimsy describes this pincushion, I especially like the bright green and blue together. This pincushion is $12.00.
All pincushions can be purchased by clicking here*. The prices include postage within the U.S.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Spotted Sheep Shop

The Spotted Sheep Shop is all about my passion for my spotted sheep and the many things I create with their wool. This shop will list items I am currently offering for sale and sometimes information you might find interesting that will explain some of what is involved in crafting with the wool of my flock of Jacob Sheep. Click here* to read about the basics of preparing wool to be used in so many ways. Click here* to buy this yarn.