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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wool Fiber ~ Jacob Sheep Wool Rolags & Batts For Sale

Jacob Sheep wool is usually white with black spots. Here is a close-up of a Jacob Sheep pelt.
I have clean & carded wool batts and rovings from my flock of Jacob Sheep. They range from black and the white to gray. The gray wool fiber I have for sale varies in the light or darkness of the gray. This depends on the proportions of white & black wool carded together.
Right now I have 10 five and one-half ounce bags of this gray Jacob Sheep fiber for sale . It is clean and carded into rolags , perfect for spinning or needle-felting.

If you're interested in more fiber, or black & white fiber please e-mail me. * To order the wool rolags listed above click here. *

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Shop Is Still Open

 I am still felting woolen balls crafted from the wool of my sheep.
 I am still spinning & dyeing wool yarn.
 I am still having fun creating my Wee Little Sheep .

 So much to do with the wool my sheep produce, plus the daily working around home , tending my sheep, poultry, cats , dogs, gardens. Keeping our home clean , enjoying quiet times and hectic times around Cedar Pond. God is good, praise Him !
I am also still weaving, needle-felting , sewing the cloth I weave from my hand-spun yarn into , oh, whatever strikes my fancy ! My Etsy shop Cedar Pond Wool Craft * is open and there are items for sale.

I always have yarn & wool fiber in the form of rovings and batts for sale, just e-mail me* if you have any questions or are desiring Jacob wool fleece for spinning, felting, or any other fiber art.

I will add more items to this site soon, but please, check out my Etsy shop and thank-you for stopping by !