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Friday, September 14, 2012

New ~ Handspun Wool Yarn In My Shop !

I finished spinning up a fleece I obtained by trading a pair of my Midget White turkeys . ( Thanks Robin ! )This is Romney wool. Robin had already washed it, so all I had to do was pick, card, and spin it up ! As I spun the wool fleece into yarn I wold refer to it as my "turkey yarn".
In the first picture the yarn appears to be gray, but it is really a light brown, or taupe.This is the natural wool color of the Romney sheep it came from.
See? The two close-ups of yarn are the same skein...but bright sunshine shows the brown much better.
There are 4 skeins of yarn from this wool fleece for sale. The prices range from $21.00 down to $14.75 per skein, depending on the size of the skein of yarn.This yarn is perfect for knitting socks, hats, scarves..or weaving into table-runners & place-mats. ( perhaps for the Thanksgiving table, after all, it is my turkey yarn.) If you're interested in any of the skeins of hand-spun 2 ply wool yarn ( DK weight) click here.* Cedar Pond Wool Craft