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Friday, December 16, 2016

Jacob Sheep Lambskins for Sale

 One of the blessings of having a large healthy flock of sheep is the ability to also have lamb for the table. Jacob lambs are a delicacy and we usually have only 2 or 3 I am willing to give up for this purpose. When we do choose to butcher a lamb we also keep the lambskin.
 It takes me awhile to make the skin suitable to send off the tanner . ( Bucks County Fur Processing, Inc. ) I have kept the first few lambskins for myself. They make great rugs and throws . However, we now have enough for our own home so I am selling the lambskins on my Etsy shop.

If you're interested in purchasing a spotted lambskin check out my Etsy shop.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wee Little Sheep ~ For Nativity Scenes

 The Christmas Craft Bazaar is over and I sold many Wee Little Sheep *. The little sheep are my best selling item so this time of the year all my spare time ( is there such a thing as spare time ? ) is spent crafting the little sheep. 
 The shepherd in the picture is 6" so you can gauge the size and if the little sheep would work for your nativity scene.
 I began making these little sheep almost 30 years ago after reading an article in a magazine (no longer in publication ) that described the little sheep Moravians made of clay and wool for their 'putz' , or Nativity scenes. I changed the crafting a bit from the old time Moravians' way making them a bit more sturdy. I believe I've easily made at least 2 thousand of these little sheep and still enjoy it.

 I've started having even more fun with my little sheep by making them look more like my Jacob Sheep. I've only made 4 of these Wee Wonky Sheep though and not sure I want to sell them. They make me smile.
If you're interested in purchasing Wee Little Sheep you can check out my Etsy shop : My Spotted Sheep Shop *.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yarn For Sale ~ Handspun By Me

 All this yarn was handspun by me. I've also hand-dyed some of it. This yarn and much more is for sale and listed on my Etsy site ~  My Spotted Sheep Shop.