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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wool Batts for Spinning, Needle-Felting, Quilting

 I just finished washing and carding this wool from my sheep. They were sheared the first weekend in March and I am processing all their fleeces myself this year. ALL of them. ALL 19 fleeces. I am loving the way they are turning out too. This batt is gray  because I carded the black and white wool from my sheep together. It is so soft. I am selling wool batting in 1 pound batches for $20.00 each. The wool bating can be spun up, needle-felted, or used as batting in wool quilts.
 I have been having a lot of fun dyeing my wool and experimenting with dyeing techniques. I sell these hand-dyed 4 ounce batts of wool fiber for $10.00 each. they can also be spun into yarn , needle-felted, or ????
This skul is from a 2 horned ram lamb and already cleaned and mounted on stained wood. The skull has a barbed wire hanger. It sells for $80.00.
 I loved handling this pretty pink wool and carded some Wensleydale locks into it for fun. I am happy with how it turned out. These 4 ounce batts also sell for $10.00 each.
 Just look at these colors ! I can't help smiling when I enter my little wool-works shop .
 Red hand-dyed Jacob Sheep wool from my own sheep with Wensleydale locks carded into it. Reminds me of Christmas candy canes.
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