~My little shop of creations inspired and crafted from the fleeces of my flock of spotted sheep. ~
To view all items for sale in my Spotted Sheep Shop, simply scroll down. If you have questions regarding any of these items please leave me a question in the comments or e-mail me ~ jkcedarpond@fairpoint.net

Friday, September 14, 2012

New ~ Handspun Wool Yarn In My Shop !

I finished spinning up a fleece I obtained by trading a pair of my Midget White turkeys . ( Thanks Robin ! )This is Romney wool. Robin had already washed it, so all I had to do was pick, card, and spin it up ! As I spun the wool fleece into yarn I wold refer to it as my "turkey yarn".
In the first picture the yarn appears to be gray, but it is really a light brown, or taupe.This is the natural wool color of the Romney sheep it came from.
See? The two close-ups of yarn are the same skein...but bright sunshine shows the brown much better.
There are 4 skeins of yarn from this wool fleece for sale. The prices range from $21.00 down to $14.75 per skein, depending on the size of the skein of yarn.This yarn is perfect for knitting socks, hats, scarves..or weaving into table-runners & place-mats. ( perhaps for the Thanksgiving table, after all, it is my turkey yarn.) If you're interested in any of the skeins of hand-spun 2 ply wool yarn ( DK weight) click here.* Cedar Pond Wool Craft


Monday, July 30, 2012

New Handwoven Items in My Shop

 Hand woven pillow and table runners. I have been busy finishing up some weaving projects, and am offering some for sale in the shop.
This table runner is hand woven by me using acrylic and wool blend yarns. It measures 38" X 16" and it is a teal green / brown color blend with white lace, touches of very light lavender are added through-out by the warp and fringe.
      This table runner is $25.00. To purchase click on the link, this will take you to my Etsy shop. Cedar Pond Wool Craft.
The pillow is crafted by me using my hand-woven fabric of wool and acrylic blends of yarn. The turquoise shell buttons and salvaged lace add more color & whimsy.Sold ! Thanks Joni.
The pillow is $12.50.
 Hand woven table runner. The table runner measures 48" X 23". I sewed beaded trim to the ends of it. It too is woven by me using acrylic, cotton, and wool blends of yarn. The table runner sells for $35.00. Check my Etsy shop for more info about this and other items offered here for sale.*Cedar Pond Wool Craft
Rustic rug handwoven using mill ends from the Pendleton Wool Mill purchased on a trip to Oregon.This rug measures 31"X 32 1/2" and is $25.00.*Cedar Pond Wool Craft

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Items In My Shop

Wool felted balls, to use as toys, dryer balls, display. Made of hand dyed and needle felted Jacob sheep wool.Details & prices here.* SOLD
A locker hook kit, easy to learn, everything you need to complete it quickly to gain the skills to move on to bigger locker hooking projects you design & create !
Hand washed, dyed, and carded by me from the wool fleece of my Jacob sheep. These 4 ounce batts of Jacob sheep wool can be used in so many fiber art projects.
 Jacob / Romney wool roving, for spinning or weaving.Sold
Jacob sheep wool batting Sold. ~All the items listed above can be purchased on My Etsy site Cedar Pond wool Craft*.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Shooting Stars ~ Wool Felted Balls

Felted Wool Balls, crafted by me using the wool fleece of my flock of Jacob Sheep.Sold! Thank-you.
The wool is dyed by me,
fashioned into balls, felted,
and then I needle-felt designs on them. These wool balls make great children's toys, cat toys, dryer balls, and are also delightful simply displayed in a basket or bowl. You can purchase them as a set of three by clicking here.*

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New In My Shop~ Yarn & Felted Wool Balls

I have a lot of fun making these wool felted balls, and have many more than I have ever listed for sale. These are one of my most popular bazaar items, along with my Wee Little Sheep. I have some listed in my Etsy Shop, but if you're ever interested in any particular design or color combo I am willing to help you out here for a very reasonable price.
It has been raining and cool for most of this spring thus far, but I have enjoyed a couple of days to spin wool on my porch while enjoying the sunshine and watching my flock of sheep. There is always some time to spin wool, and I have more yarn available for sale now.
The yarns shown above are all for sale , if you're interested please click here.*
I still consider magic to take the wool fleeces my sheep grow and turn it into yarn, rugs, wee little sheep, felted wool balls, and oh so much more. My Jacob sheep have taken me on an adventure that has changed my life and made it more than I could have imagined. I am so thankful God has given my husband & I the privilege keeping sheep. Plus, I have so many more projects in the works ~ neither of us are ever bored in the adventure of life, praise God!  Thank-you for taking time to check out my Spotted Sheep Shop.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Felted Wool Balls in my Shop

These wool felted balls are so much fun to make.
I make them from the wool fleece of my flock of Jacob sheep.
I dye the wool and after felting the balls, I then needle-felt cheery designs on them.
All of these balls are at least as big as a tennis ball, most are bigger,
My cats love to play with wool felted balls. Some of the balls have a jingle in them. If you spray the balls with catnip the cats really have a good time.These wool balls are also good toys for children, they can be used as dryer balls too. Just toss them into the dryer with a load of wet clothes. No fabric softener, or softener sheets are necessary ~ the balls keep the clothes separated, fluff up the clothes, and prevent static cling. Best of all, they can be used over and over again...and played with by the cat & kids in between laundry loads. Each set of 3 balls sells for $15.00, shipping is included in the price within the U.S. If you're interested in purchasing any wool felted balls click HERE*. Thank-you for taking time to check out my Spotted Sheep Shop !

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wool Crafting ~ Wee Little Sheep, Felted Dryer Balls, Yarn!

I have been very busy and a new little flock of sheep occupies my work room.
There are also a lot of felted wool balls popular for the dryer ( in place of fabric softener sheets ) , as cat toys, and for baby toys. Babies can chew them, they are washable, babies can throw them but won't break or hurt anything.They look great in a lovely bowl or basket just for decoration too.

And of course, there is always wool being spun into yarn around here. This is my "turkey" yarn, so called because I traded a pair of Midget White turkeys for this Romney fleece and am enjoying spinning it up. This is only my first skein of yarn from the lovely caramel & cream colored wool. If you are ever interested in any of these wool creations and I do not have any listed in my Etsy shop, just e-mail me and I can customize an order for you of felted balls, Wee Little Sheep, or even spin up some yarn for you. Click here * to view what I currently have for sale.Thank-ewe for checking in on my shop!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine Sheep & Snowballs

February is the month of love, celebrated especially on Valentine's Day. I have given my little sheep silver hearts that say "Love", but really, love is never out of season. I like these little adornments so much I am going to add silver hearts to my sheep throughout the year. These sheep can be purchased by clicking here *.
I have also been making wool balls from the fleece of my Jacob sheep. These and the wee little sheep are my biggest sellers at bazaars and can be used or displayed throughout the year. The wool balls are perfect for the dryer. Toss them in with a load of wet clothes, no fabric softener sheets needed. The wool ball will keep your laundry separated, fluffed up, and static free. Even better, they can be used over and over again. When not in use for laundry, they also make great cat or baby toys, and even look good placed in a basket or bowl on the table.To purchase these click here * .

Since the storm last month I have been busy cleaning up outside, we have a years' worth of cleaning for all the destruction the ice storm left behind. This leaves me little time indoors, but I spend all my spare time spinning wool into yarn, making more little sheep , weaving and locker-hooking rugs, and having fun crafting new items the wool inspires. Thank-you again for taking a few moments to view my Spotted Sheep Shop !