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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Puyallup Fair Yarn~ 2 Ply HandSpun

I call this my "Puyallup Fair " yarn because I spun it up while exhibiting my Jacob Sheep at the Western Washington State Fair.
Click onto any picture to view close-up. This yarn is the spun wool fleece of my ram, Goth. He is a 4 horned Jacob Sheep Ram*. You can view pictures of him and some of my other sheep by clicking onto the asterisk.
There is a lot of wool in this skein, 9 5/8 ounces and more than 260 yards. The yarn is about 10 to 12 wraps per inch. Goth's wool yarn is perfect for making hats, socks, mittens. I find this is a good wool yarn for weaving durable table runners and scarves too. The gray yarn is perfect for over-dying too, giving a rich multi-hued color to this naturally variegated hand-spun.

Puyallup Fair Yarn :$21.50 To purchase click here *.
Sold, Thank-you Anita!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wee Little Sheep

A flock of 3 Wee Little Sheep, just finished , for sale!
These little sheep are handcrafted by me using the fleece ( wool) from my flock of Jacob Sheep. Jacob Sheep are a primitive breed of sheep having black and white spots and 2 to 6 horns.
Two of the trio.

These sheep can be purchased by clicking here.* Each little sheep is unique as I craft them individually myself, using the many shades of white to gray to black my flock of sheep produce.

This little flock is Sold~ but I frequently make more miniature sheep and offer them for sale, check back please. Thank-you!