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Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Spotted Sheep Shop ~ New Listings September 2015

 My Spotted Sheep Shop is in the process of being updated , but I do have felted balls available now * in my Etsy shop, more to be added soon. I am always making more of these fun felted balls.
 Wool felted balls are not only eye-catching as table or shelf décor , they are wonderful as child or cat toys. Many of the balls I felt have jingles inside them making them more interesting to kitties especially. The balls are also great dryer balls. Simply toss them into the dryer with your wet clothes and they keep the laundry separated and static free while the clothes are drying. Unscented, chemical free, and reusable. After use they look good in a basket on the laundry shelf, or back in use as toys !
 I will be adding some Wee Wonky Sheep to my shop soon too. I have several already finished and love the spotted sheep that resemble my real life flock of spotted sheep *, my Jacob Sheep.
 I have handspun , hand-dyed 2 ply wool yarn for sale , and so much more yarn being spun up to be dyed and added to my shop or hand-woven by me into fabric, table-runners, and more.
 This yarn is currently for sale , click here if you're interested.*

Just finished spinning up this pink wool from a blend of sheep breed fleeces. Some Jacob sheep, some Polypay sheep, some Romney sheep. I am considering weaving this yarn and a few other yarns I've spun up, into a scarf. Still thinking on it but most likely I'll list it soon in my Etsy shop.

NEW ! ~ Swirls In Moss Felted Balls

If you're interested in any items here, or would like me to make felted balls specifically in your color & design , would like some hand-spun yarn dyed your color, would like me to make you your own flock of Wee Little Sheep, simply e-mail me here : jkcedarpond@fairpoint.net*.

I love my flock of Jacob Sheep and especially love crafting, spinning, and weaving their wool. My shop shows just a few of the items I've made with the wool of the flock of spotted sheep that has captivated my heart and inspired me to create. Thank-you for taking time to check out My Spotted Sheep Shop !
And ....
 Wool fleece turned into washed and carded batts from Gudrid ( above ) ,
 Gudrid's wool batt.
 and Mally , my 6 horned ewe ( girl ).
The description of this wool for sale, plus more pictures , price, etc., is here in my Etsy shop

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